Parameters to Guide your Graphic Designer Selection

02 Mar

 You can’t say marketing without thinking of graphics.  More precisely, graphics are a crucial part of marketing.  The first impression will always be lasting so there is a need to capture your potential customers’ attention from the onset with quality marketing materials.  Don’t ignore the professional state of your business cards, website, brochures and others.  A true pro will help you construct an image that is worthy of your values and brand as a whole. Therefore, do you know how to pick a graphic designer?  You will find that there are many graphic design companies around and hence a problem emerges.  Due to this large number, you will tend to get confused trying to differentiate between poor, average and excellent.  However, don’t fret as this article will show you what to do.

 Foremost is figuring out what role you play in the design.  I simply mean drafting an outline of the graphic design project. Get to know what the project entails as this will be driven by the situation you find yourself in. Are you a startup with no idea where to start or a growing business that needs to reorganize its graphical work?  Come up with smart goals to guide you.  Map out the time you want to spend doing the said job and also set the budget. To gain more knowledge on the importance of graphic design, visit

 Look also into their previous jobs.  This is valuable as it enables you to figure out which graphic design is best for your project.  People make the common error of looking only at the pictures on offer in the portfolio.  The portfolio should be more about solving unique problems coupled now with the visuals.  Spacing, shapes, typography, color, texture, and lines are vital for assessment.  The communication ability is the main point of evaluation.

It is also shrewd to work with a graphic design agency at with professional affiliations. This is integral as these associations help to keep the designers in check by ensuring they adhere to stringent ethical and quality standards.  An example are the legal consequences of type-facing another brand .  The regulatory bodies will help deal with this.

Finally, address two issues: versatility and the contract.  The versatile nature here will be seen in the agency’s ability to offer marketing material ranging from printed stuff to website content.  In contractual matters, expect the graphic design firms at to approach the issue differently.  Ownerships rights may be fully retained by the graphic design agency with no chance of reproduction while in other cases, they won’t mind at all.  The point here is to solve the legal matters at hand to avoid nasty issues later.

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